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Extrip is an event app developed by the Geolance company. The main feature allows users to search for popular local events and close by activities. Based on the user profile and interests, the app will suggest the suitable events for them to join. Users also have options to reach out and socialize with other users who are going to attend the same events.

Category: Application Design

Industry: Event app, event planner


Specialists from the Geolance have an extensive experience in developing mobile applications. Beepy is a search and discovery mobile app. By using Beepy’s app features users can search for the desired services in the closest location. The highlighted services included in this area search app are food and drink, handicap parking availability.

Category: Application Design

Industry: Local Discovery Engine, Online Maps


XWallet made to be popular mobile and useful application. Geolance company's team have developed this application as a user-friendly payment gateway that serves as an electronic version of a physical Bitcoin wallet. It has the flexible feature set with a sleek interface design that supports a wide variety of business regardless of their types and is the best way to connect with clients and customers.

Category: Application Design

Industry: Cryptocurrencies, Digital Wallet


Logo design is important and popular Geolance company service. It represents a complex process that requires creativity, passion and imagination. Doing thorough and comprehensive research on competitors is a must before creating a logo design concept.

Category: Logo Design

Industry: Different projects


SQutiL has been a data management software provider since 2015. SQutiL offers Kenozo software to companies so that they can document and analyze their SQL database at an affordable price.

Web site: http://squtil.com/

Category: Website Design

Industry: Software, Data Management


Founded in 2017, Zoopify is a virtual real estate broker who is headquartered in California. By combing advanced technology and real estate business ideas, they create a website which provide house listings info to connect prospective home buyers, sellers and agents.

Category: Website Design

Industry: Real Estate, Information Technology


TeddiTag is a website that helps customers to relocate their personal items such as children's toys, laptops, phones, tablets and even animals like dogs & cats when they get lost. By using designed tags without having to compromise your personal data such as address or phone number, TeddiTag creates an innovative way to keep track of your personal items.

Web site: http://tedditag.com/

Category: Website Design

Industry: Internet

App Icons

The users will find your product app icon in the online store (including Apple Store or Google Play) first before downloading or pass by. For Geolance company it is crucial to design a distinctive and memorable app icon. An application icon in a store is a visual essence for your app: it persuades either to buy or scroll further.

Category: App Icon Design

Industry: Different projects

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