How can Donald Trump’s social media team measure his Facebook fans sentiment? Or how does a popular retail brand sort out hundreds of comments on Facebook to tackle the negative comments first? Social media platforms are one of the powerful digital marketing tools. However, have you ever wondered how a celebrity or a brand manages the user experience on their fan page? The digital marketers often struggle with tracking, reporting and interpreting social media analytics. Several free social media analytics tools can help you get this work done fast and easy.

Why measuring user experience on social media platforms is important

Social media platforms have got much attention over the past decade. They are no longer a simple tool for people to connect with friends and family. They are in the process of transformation. It is a useful tool for companies to advertise their products, a platform for celebrities to reach out to fans, a channel for politicians to engage their supporters and gain more voters for their election campaign.

Social media is no longer an isolated marketing channel for selling a product or service. Nowadays it is a platform or even a meeting space for a brand to engage with the target audience and meet their needs 24/7. It has become a part of the brand experience itself. Customer experience/service is quickly getting the most important tool for business success, and how a particular forum represents and adds to your brand’s vision is a vital component to the successful customer perceptions. A survey by Bain & Co. estimated that 89% of businesses rely on customer service as their primary means of competition. With so many similar brands on the market, efficiency and affinity are major factors in the survival of your business.

An opportunity the Internet gives us is to share and receive instant feedback. It creates the potential for sudden information about changes in what your customers want and need. These changes may be apparent to you at the time. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the comments, keywords, and feedback you receive on your social media platforms. Some customers may explicitly tell you what they want; if they do not, this data will help your business generate new ideas for the fast-growing wishes of your audience.

Free social media analytics tools you should not miss

Social media monitoring is one of the keys to your digital success. There are a lot of free and paid systems for you to use. So make sure to choose the one that fits your budget and social media platform needs. For example, IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media is one of the analytics tool designed. It collects and analyzes Twitter’s social data. AgoraPulse is another choice of social media tools. It analyzes the audience for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, you have to pay and sign up to use these tools.

Plenty of free tools are available in the market for social media marketing beginners. Each of the social platforms provides its analytics tools to use. For example, Twitter Analytics or Facebook Insights. These tools have evolved over the years and could give you useful functionality. If you look for a tool that allows you to analyze any social media platforms, Netlytic is one of the options. Netlytic is a free all-in-one social media analytics reporting tool that provides information about how your content spread across social media and the impact it has on your overall ROI. It has some really interesting social tracking features such as tracking influencers, interactions on your posts, and engagement metrics like comments, clicks, likes, and shares.

Analyzing Donald Trump’s Facebook fan page within minutes

As the Facebook users understand their messages on this fan page that public will access, there is no violation of Facebook regulation when marketers use social media tools to collect social data. You will just simply need to sign up for a free account on Netlytic to process the data collection step.

As we measure user experience on Trump’s fan page, we will copy his Facebook URL into the Facebook Page Code field. Then you can click import and start collecting data from his page. The data collection process will take a couple of minutes. Once it you do it, you are all set and can start checking out the interesting findings from Trump’s fan page. You will have a choice of a wide range of standard reports. These free reports are a great starting point and definitely worth using.

How is Trump’s Facebook followers’ sentiment?

This is where you analyze positive, negative, or neutral mentions of your product or service. Sentiment analysis tools are not 100% reliable, but they can give you a good indicator when there’s a problem. Overall, most followers feel positive toward Donald Trump’s statements on his page. About 10% of the followers show negative feelings toward him. To find out whose posts mention the negative feelings, we can click on the feelings (bad) section to learn more details.

Are there any influences on Donald Trump’s fan page?

The good news is that you don’t have to go through all the comments on Trump’s fan page to figure out if he has any influences on his page. With a mouse click on network analysis tab, the network interaction will be visualized on a network map, showing who replies to whom. The scatter plot chart below shows that information flowing freely among Facebook users and no major commutators are influencing the followers except Donald Trump. Also, we can see that people in this network do not connect with each other. There is not much interaction between the followers and him.
There are still many interesting features you can check it out by using the Netlytic tool.

Benefits of social media analytics tools

Big corporations or political leaders in the world have started to make use of this tool to reach out to younger supporters in the last few years. The extensive use of social media in the recent American presidency run campaign has proven its importance.

  • Audience-Informed Content.In general, an analysis of popular keywords allows us to see what resonates most with our users. It will allow us to craft our posts better to satisfy the appetite of our network.
  • Manage Multiple Social Pages.Some businesses rely on multiple social profiles and networks for their marketing efforts, which can make managing social exponentially more complex. There are many reasons why a company would have multiple social pages (different product lines, teams, locations, customer base, etc.), but imagine how much harder it would be to manage them if you had to log in and out of each profile and network to check all of your messages. Social media tools can aggregate the messages sent to all of your profiles and networks into one spot, saving you the time and effort needed to juggle accounts constantly.

Is the Community Stable and Loyal?

Analyzing the users that engage with us over time can help us see not only whether we see new users participating (showing network growth), but whether existing users continue to interact with us. We want to grow a stable, dedicated community that consistently helps to promote our content. If we do not see strong follower loyalty, we will need to compare our content and tone to those popular among our users and tweak our strategies accordingly.

Discover Influencers and Collaborators. Network analysis can also help us see which users have the strongest connection with other users. These users are reaching many other users and successfully inspiring engagement. These are important relationships for us to cultivate as these individuals may represent our most influential advocates. Network analysis will help us see whether these collaborations are reaching new and expanding audiences. We should increase collaborations with those demonstrating the greatest growth and connections. For those lacking such indicators, it may be appropriate to shift effort elsewhere.

Limitation with free social media analytics tool’s features

Despite the usefulness of free social media analytics tools, there are some limitations in term of measuring users’ feelings. Sometimes the comments do not contain any words related to feelings. There are reactions button features on Facebook with six options including (like love, surprise) for users to express their emotion. Indeed, these social media reaction buttons are the ‘next big thing’ for various channels and marketers can use them to increase user engagements on a page or a post.

It will provide more insights to the marketers if the tool can turn these reactions data into insights and reports that give campaign’s runners the information about the posts that create most positive reactions and point out which posts give most negative reactions. The fact Netlytic supports such a broad range of social media platforms, together with its free to use advantage, means that it’s suitable for digital marketing newbies.

Tips for digital marketers who are considering social media marketing

The one constant that businesses can depend on is that social media itself isn’t going anywhere. It’s increasingly the one reliable place to reach consumers. Here are some social media analytics tips to help you in your quest to master social analytics and become a social media star:

  • You don’t have to measure everything.Measure what matters and what will help you achieve your business goals.
  • Analyze previous content.Analyze your past contents’ effectiveness and find out which ones can gain more engagements from followers. It will give you more ideas how to craft more effective content for your next posts. Social media tools provide you with data you can use to dictate your marketing strategy is moving forward.
  • Understand what you’re measuring.Numbers are meaningless if you don’t know why they’re relevant and how they can help you achieve your business or personal social media goals.
  • Choose a select few social analytics tools that work for you.You don’t need to use all of them. Try out a few tools and use the ones that make the most sense for your business or personal needs.
  • Look at social analytics from a holistic perspective.Avoid focusing solely on a single form of measurement. Think about things from a broad perspective and consider all the metrics you have access to.


If you’re still feeling lost and overwhelmed with all of the social media options and analytics tools today, I would recommend applying the 80/20 rule to your efforts. If 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts, then dedicate your time, energy and investment into the best social media platform that generates results for your business. By using the analytics tools, you will be able to figure out which campaigns work and which don’t.

Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base. But getting started without any previous experience or insight could be challenging. Although there are free social media analytics tools available, social media marketing can be tricky for many small and medium-sized business owners. Building effective social media channels can be time-consuming, especially when you want to ensure that the social media campaigns go to the right direction. Try using one of our digital marketing packages. So you can free up more time to be successful in your core business.
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