All you need to know about Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies. Learn why it is different from regular currency.

Bitcoin – $ 10,518.60

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency now. Since the beginning of 2017, its value is growing rapidly: over the past six months, the price of one bitcoin has risen from about $ 8,000 to $ 10,518.60 (however, no one can say exactly why). Cryptocurrency is in the first position not only in price per unit but also regarding market capitalization – $ 176.9 billion.

We can explain the popularity of Bitcoin by the fact that this is the first such currency of its kind. Bitcoin was the first to introduce the principle of decentralization — a concept where the currency does not belong. No financial or any other institution control it. It was Bitcoin that provoked the appearance of a huge number of the same cryptocurrencies that exist nowadays.

Byteball – $ 701.37

Byteball is very different from other cryptocurrencies and, in particular, from Bitcoin. If the basis of the latter is the technology of the block – a distributed registry, where all transaction data is on the network – then Byteball works by DAG. This is an oriented graph, which new transactions form, each of which refers to previous transfers.

Also, Byteball does not provide for mining. Instead of the miners, trusted users confirm transactions, so-called “witnesses.” One of the features of the cryptocurrency is its spread. Byteball is distributed free of charge to all Bitcoin owners who have confirmed their wallet in the currency network.

Over the past six months, the price per unit of Byteball has increased by more than 36 times – now it is about $ 701.37. The sharpest jump occurred in late May – early June when the cryptocurrency appreciated at once by more than $ 550.

Zcash – $ 423.67

The main difference between Zcash and the same Bitcoin is the protection of information. The work of Bitcoin – based on a traditional lockbox, where each record in the network contains data on the amount of the transaction, the sender and the recipient. Zcash – uses a zero-disclosure protocol to confirm transactions without disclosing additional information about them. «If Bitcoin – http for money, then Zcash – https», – noted on the site of the crypto currency.

Now one unit of currency costs about $ 423.67. The active growth of the price for Zcash began in late May.

Ethereum – $ 963.81

Ethereum – the second cryptocurrency regarding market capitalization ($ 93 billion) and the fourth at a price for one unit. The peculiarity of the Ethereum consists in “smart contracts” – the ability to register transactions with any assets within the framework of detachment. “Smart contracts” is the technology that replaces traditional legal procedures.

Now the cost of the Ethereum is about $ 963.81. For several months in 2017, the price of the currency remained at around $ 10, but at the end of November, the cost of the Ethereum jumped to the current.

Dash – $ 726.08

Among the features of Dash cryptocurrency is the availability of private, i.e., secure, PrivateSend and InstantSend transactions. Decisions on any changes in the Dash are a common vote of the currency owners. This mechanism is called decentralized governance, and Dash developers became the first among their competitors who introduced such a principle.

Over the past six months, the price of a unit of currency has increased significantly. If in January 2017 this indicator was at $ 10, now one Dash costs about $ 726.08. Its market capitalization is approaching to 5.68 billion.