Pop-Up for Website

Website pop-ups have transformed the way online businesses interact, engage, and attract their visitors. It does not matter if you like them or not, they are extremely effective, especially when are implemented professionally. Still, many modern businesses are using the pop-up banner on website ineffectively. Today our specialists are going to share their secrets of using pop-ups for achieving high conversion.

Understand what your website visitor is looking for

Before creating pop-ups, we have to look at things from the perspective of the website visitor. You should consider that all humans are visual creatures and they expect something of value from your website. Also, visitors are hit with pop-ups and marketing messages daily, and they have short attention spans.

After thinking about these facts you should find a way how to market in a way that provides value, is unique and effective.

Estimate what are your goals as a marketer

Considering your needs as a marketer is very important as they differ from those of a website visitor. Think about what you what to achieve with pop-up advertising. Maybe, you want to make a good first impression or want to create a high converting pop-up. Or, perhaps, you want qualified leads and do not want to damage your website user experience.

Main elements of a high converting pop-up

Website pop-ups can fulfil your marketing needs while also catering to your visitor’s needs. You definitely can achieve that by working on the main elements of high converting website pop-up. Those include design and branding, highlighted offering, relevant and actionable headline, clear CTA copy and 3 or fewer form fields.

Design & branding of pop-up

When you are planning a pop-up on your website, it is in your best interest to invest some time in a design that grabs attention. Also, it must represent your brand and match your overall website design. Most consumers face pop-ups daily, and the majority of them look exactly the same. And that is the main reason why people are ignoring the marketing message, and pop-ups are far less effective.

Branding and pop-up design are an excellent opportunity to stand out from the competitors and convert a visitor. You need to create something that will actually grab people’s attention and is more than website pop-up template. A professionally designed pop-up will do that and will not damage the brand perception or website experience.

Draw attention to your offering

The best way to attract visitors to stay on your website is to use headlines because they are the first thing that they read. Your headline should be catchy and show value while the pop-ups persuade the reader to take further action.

Remember, that we are dealing with short attention spans that should be clear and concise with your offer. This copy should tell visitors what value they will get, what they should do to receive the benefit, and when they will get it.

Make clear call-to-action copy

The key for a high converting pop-up is consistency in your marketing message. This applies to your CTA button and cannot afford to be generic. Spur action, be clear and show a bit of personality if possible. Here are some words that you can employ within pop-ups and CTA’s: quick, now, fast, rapidly, hurry, instant, approaching, get, close, seconds, never, over, again.

Three or fewer form fields

The major barrier that prevents visitors from actually converting within a pop-up is the number of form fields. If your goal is to turn first-time visitors, just ask for an email. It provides the greatest benefit, and you should be focused on that when using pop-ups.

If you want to ask for more information, do not go over three fields. More fields appear to be too much work, and people just do not want to do it. This decreases your chances of converting. Also, make sure that all information that you are asking for is related to the visitor and your marketing. For example, if you are selling clothes, ask for a person’s size so you can deliver tailored marketing emails.

Consider mobile pop-ups peculiarities

Mobile traffic is different from a regular internet, and therefore you should treat it differently. It influences the way you write copy design for mobile pop-ups. You should consider using bigger font size, less text and show off your offering.

Also, Google has recently updated their mobile pop-up policies. Briefly, they do not want you to show a pop-up immediately after visitors come from a Google search result. But besides that, you can use them on your website as you like.

Bonus: Our developers share these conversion tactics with you. Give them a try!

Opt-out text

Using opt-out text may actually help growing conversion rates. It gives your visitors a fear of missing out on some valuable content. Close buttons with some cheeky text tend to outperform the other variations in sales conversion by 218% and email opt-in by 16.21%.

2 step pop-ups

Such type of pop-ups uses micro-commitments as a way to attract visitors. Micro-commitments are little actions that you ask visitors to do, and they lead up to a conversion step. In this case, this step would be a purchase or email opt-in.

For example, a simple question like “Want a discount?” and options “Yes” and “No” give visitors a decision to make. When a person selects a “Yes”, they are psychologically more inclined to commit. For sure, there is no guarantee, but the visitor is much more likely to stay and convert. Such two-step pop-up increase conversion rates by 103%!

Countdown timer

Countdown timers within your pop-up create urgency during a website visit. They are an excellent way to achieve some action. This timer could show the amount of time left to use the offer or shop on the sale.

Pop-ups on full screen

The goal of such pop-ups is to interrupt the visit and have full attention to your offer. This conversion tactic is very effective, especially if it is used correctly. We recommend you to think about a full-screen takeover with cart abandonment pop-ups and exit pop-ups to make that your message will not be overlooked.

Make a pop-up that is high converting today!

Now that you know the direction of your pop-ups conversion optimisation, it is time to make changes! Even small pop-ups alterations can increase conversion rates. Besides, the design process can be quite fun!