iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith announced that he had successfully made full drag and drop support on iPhone. That become possible only because of the changes that he made to the iOS 11 developer beta code. Now he is ready to explain and share his secrets with all of us.

How is it now possible? That is the question that is asking every developer hearing this news. So, to make it work, he had adjusted some settings in a preferences.  Steve posted an iOS simulator video presenting the ability to drag icons between different apps on the screen.

As a top developing company in Canada, we shall admit that the performance is a little clunky, that’s because iOS 11 does not bring much-enhanced iPad’s Dock to iPhone. That means you have to use both hands to change apps at the same time as dragging an object. As a rule, iOS 11 is supporting drag and drop system on iPhone out of the box, but that is only in applications.

Drag and Drop on iPhone is rated by three things: Apple Internal folder, Dragging Enabled Phone and Dragging Enabled BOOLs in UIKit preferences .plist. Interprocess Drag and Drop on iPhone is gated by the BOOL ‘Cancel On Deactivation Phone’ in the UIKit preferences and those above.

The great thing is that now the new Files app gives you an opportunity to drag a file, picture or anything you want and drop it into a folder. Also, you can drag it with a finger and tap the Back button with another finger to move it to a different spot. Though, real inter-application drag and drop aren’t possible on iPhone yet without making changes to developer beta code on the iOS 11.

Steve Troughton-Smith states that Drag and Drop is enabling by preference keys on iPhone. It’s not like they haven’t built it, they just don’t think people will want it. Here’s the thing – if Apple doesn’t enable Drag & Drop for iPhone, everybody will want to jailbreak to get it. He doesn’t think that is in Apple’s interests.

Previously Apple hasn’t talked or made any announcements about basic Drag and Drop support on iPhone at WWDC. Certainly, we aren’t expecting any miracles in following betas regarding providing trait parity for Drag and Drop for iPad and iPhone. For the sake of fullness, Troughton-Smith did speculate that inter-app iPhone may be waiting to be on iPhone 8. Developers all over the world think that if Apple’s created an on-screen Home button on their iPhone 8, it would make a lot of sense to spring-load it for drag and drop. But we still wonder if full Drag and Drop would make sense on iPhone. Still, we can’t deny that this feature is very useful and is something that iOS lacked for quite a time.

Drag and Drop is a real deal for iOS 11, but let’s remember other great features of it. First, of course, Apple pay – now you can pay your friends with it. This feature is quite huge because users now can pay via an iMessage or with the help of Siri. It is using a debit or credit card that will be at their Wallet. Second, Siri-translation.  Now it can translate English phrases and words into German, French, Chinese, Spanish or Italian. Next are auto delete and new control center and much more. Don’t forget about iPad, because it is going to perform a lot more like a Mac. With new iOS 11, all users will be able to modify their docks with applications we use the most frequently. With every new version, Apple is trying to better and renovate their operating system.

We’ll see how it will be developing and we’ll be first to tell you about it. So, stay tuned!