Clean Code

Clean Code

Code is the foundation of a website or an application. Having clean codes for your apps or websites will make the testing and validating phase much easier.

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The code is the foundation of a website or application. Having clean codes for your apps or websites will make the testing and validating phase much easier. Creating readable and maintainable codes means saving time and money for your business. Many developers may cut corner and ignore best practices by creating codes. As a result, re-writing codes for the entire website or app when you switch to other software company in the future because your next developers will find it hard to understand and follow up the coding work of the previous developers. Understanding clean code technique is critical to the app and web development process. Software developers in the Geolance company, always keep clean code readability in mind when working on your product.

To sum up, clean code technique advantages are as follows:

  • Make it easy during the testing phase.
  • Create clear communications between developers.
  • Reduce maintenance burden.
  • Spot the software bugs faster.
  • Save money and time for your business in long run.
    • Entrust your code to professionals of Geolance company (Toronto) and use all advantages!

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Clean Code
  • Foundational

    These practices elevate code quality and maintainability. Implementing clean code principles is a foundational skill that pays off especially well when it's time to refactor code or bring code under test.

  • Technique

    Clean code doesn't happen by accident. It requires a deliberate and regular focus on clearly conveying intent.

  • Reading

    Comply with the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) and YAGNI principle (You Ain’t Gonna Need It).

  • Expressive

    The expressiveness of the code means that it has meaningful names. These names should express their intention. They should not mislead you.

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