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First Quantum Computer

Yale Professors Make Google and IBM Race for the First Quantum Computer

Robert Schoelkopf, a Yale University professor, is at the head of a global attempt to build the world’s first quantum computer. Such a machine...
WordPress Formatting Tips

Improve Your Posts Readability with 4 WordPress Formatting Tips

Learn how to improve the readability of your blog posts and increase engagement. Our four WordPress formatting tips will help you!After finishing your post,...
Google Rankings

Ways to Recover Your Google Rankings After a Hack

Geolance team wants to share nine tips to how to recover your Google rankings after a cyber attack. Let’s together go through the steps...
Steps to Website Security

5 Trustworthy Steps to Website Security

Website safety has never been more serious than it is today. Hackers, denial of service attacks and ransomware are all concerns for current business websites....
improve your code

Eight good practices to improve the quality of code

It is necessary for beginners. Everybody should write code beautifully and smart.Beginner programmers usually spend a year or two, not paying attention to the rules of...
SEO Steps

3 Important SEO Steps to Make Your Company Grow

What if our image of SEO is completely all wrong? A lot of incomplete narratives and misguided notions about SEO are covered-up as good...
Themes for WordPress

16 Useful Themes for WordPress

The minimalist design has long been popular among consumers. Heavy design elements can often distract the user. Therefore, it is best to make layout...
new features of iPhone X

Novelties for UI & UX for iPhone X

The iPhone X differs from previous models with a large rounded screen with a wider range of colors and a face-recognition technology for the...
Web App Development

Main Difficulties You Сan Encounter In Web App Development

Modern technologies are progressing fast, and web development is accelerating at a high pace. Users are looking for better and more user-friendly interfaces, and...

How to Fill in a Blog With Good Content?

A blog is a universal thing that can both teach and entertain. It is an easy and affordable way to share information from fashion...


The Future of Blockchain Technology: Will It Power the World?

Nowadays it seems like everyone is talking about blockchain technology and how drastically it will change the world we are living in. We expect some...
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