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How to make a business plan: 6 useful tips

If you decide to open your business, you can not do it without a business plan. That's what you need to pay special attention...
Project Management in IT

Project Management in IT. How to avoid mistakes working in a team.

Project management in the IT business - a trendy topic today. For the IT business, the urgency of this subject is increasing at times, because there...
business plan mistakes

10 common mistakes to avoid in business plan

A high-quality business plan consists of many elements. It usually takes time, patience and hard work before you get it right. We have highlighted...
Developing A Strategic Business Plan to Fit Your Purpose

Developing A Strategic Business Plan to Fit Your Purpose

Do not approach business plan with the «one size fits all» mind Business planning is a critical element for a company’s success. From a business plan, business...


The Future of Blockchain Technology: Will It Power the World?

Nowadays it seems like everyone is talking about blockchain technology and how drastically it will change the world we are living in. We expect some...
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