Agile Development

Agile Development

Geolance uses Agile methodology to develop and deliver high-quality software. Agile is about continuous testing and improvement of app performance to avoid common development issues.

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Agile Methodology

The essence of the agile approach is stated in the "manifesto", but for the customer it can be briefly formulated as follows:

  • Development is carried out in short cycles (iterations), lasting 1-4 weeks;
  • At the end of each iteration, the customer receives a valuable application (or part of it) that can be used in business;
  • The development team cooperates with the customer throughout the project;
  • Changes in the project are welcomed and quickly included in the work.

Currently, agile-principles are used in the work of tens of thousands of teams around the world.

Geolance uses Agile methodology to develop and deliver high-quality software.

Some popular Agile technologies include:

  • Jira: This is the tool we use for project management. It allows software developers to keep track of the tasks and manage different projects.
  • Bitbucket: This technology is mainly used for version control purpose. Users will be able to review different versions as well as the codes used during the software development processes.
  • Bamboo: This is the software that developers use during the testing and validation period. Bamboo helps the testing processes get done easier and faster.

Working with Geolance

Geolance has in-depth experience in providing the most outstanding Application Development and Consulting Services on the market.

Hire our experts, and you will get the following perks:

  • A skilled & highly qualified Team consisted of Project Manager, Developers, Business Analyst, UX/UI Expert & Creative Designer
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients
  • Accurate Quality Assurance Testing before Delivery
  • 24/7 Customer Support during and after Delivery
  • A Successful Track Record
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Long-Term Partnership Focus

If you are unsure where to begin, just evaluate your future project, and our team will help you choose a right solution to boost your revenues.

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Agile Development
  • Speed-to-market

    Research suggests about 80% of all market leaders were first to market. As well as the higher revenue from incremental delivery, agile development philosophy also supports the notion of early and regular releases, and ‘perpetual beta’.

  • Quality

    A key principle of agile development is that testing is integrated throughout the lifecycle, enabling regular inspection of the working product as it develops.

  • Visibility

    Encourage active ‘user’ involvement throughout the product’s development and a very cooperative collaborative approach.

  • Cost Control

    The scope of the product and its features are variable, rather than the cost.

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